FAQs Grow Lights Q: What can I grow with your grow light package? A: Our grow light package is designed to grow leafy greens and herbs. When plants flower they require a different color light.  When they begin to bear fruit they require another color light. Q: How much does it cost in electricity to run the grow lights per month? A: With the grow lights on for 13 hours a day it will cost approximately $5 a month, based on the US national average. Tower Garden Insulating Frost Cover Q: When should I use the Tower Garden Insulating Frost Cover? A: The Frost Cover should be used when temperatures are forecast at 38 F or below, to protect your crops from frost.  For best results, turn the timer to 'On' so that the timer runs continuously overnight. Q: Is it necessary to use the Frost Cover and Submersible Heater together? A: It is not necessary but results will be much more productive. Submersible Heater When should I use the Submersible Heater? Tower Garden Q: How much electricity does a Tower Garden use? A: The small submersible pump, that is included in the kit, is similar to what you would find in a small aquarium.  It will cost approximately $7 a year to run (based on the National average). Q: How much water will the Tower Garden use? A: It depends on what you are growing and the weather conditions.  Large plants that produce fruit will use more water than leafy greens and herbs. You will use more water and nutrients in hot and/or windy conditions. However, you only use 5-10% of the water you would use when growing in the ground. Q: Where can I purchase a Tower Garden? A: Tower Gardens can be purchased online at https://livingtowers.towergarden.com or by calling 352-357-4453.
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